Saturday, June 20, 2009


The state of Florida serves a large elderly population. Many of them are far from their families and end up being abused by medical personnel, caretakers, and others.

From 2005-2006, 101 people 60 years and older received victim services from emergency shelters and 1,200 were served in outreach programs.

Now imagine how many weren't able to get to assistance. Who didn't know how to find the information they needed. Who can't maneuver in places like this to find the help they so desperately need. Imagine those who literally couldn't speak about their abuse because diseases like Alzheimer's have taken away their ability to articulate the horrors they are living through.

But the elderly aren't the only at risk group in the state of Florida. In fact, DEMi staff were shocked to read the following quote.

“99% of all the women who died as a result of domestic violence from 2005 to mid-2006 never stayed in a shelter, and 95% had no contact with a certified domestic violence center within five years of their murder.” Staff, Florida Department of Children and Families Domestic Violence Program Office

Women aren't reaching out for the assistance they so clearly need in Florida. If you know someone who is in a domestic violence situation, please, encourage them to reach out. Encourage them to find allies who want to help them. Domestic Violence staff across the nation know that they might not want to leave, but they need help desperately to deal with their situation. To KNOW that they have an ally even in their darkest hours.

Help them take that first step today.

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