Monday, June 22, 2009


In 2006, 58% of domestic assaults were male to female violence. Therefore 42% were the “minority” groups (female to male, male to male, and female to female). That’s a very large group of ignored people.

So nearly half of those abused were not the "standard" set forward by stereotypes.

DEMi was also surprised to learn that forcible rapes in Maine increased by 4.8% in the year 2006. Faster than the rise of the cost of living, forcible rape likely grew more than your paycheck in that year.

But most shocking to DEMi was this. 99% of personal weapon domestic violence assault was done with hands.

Everywhere we turn we hear about statistics about people owning firearms putting them at an increased risk for domestic violence assault with a weapon. Yet, in Maine, 99% of "personal weapon domestic violence assault" was committed with HANDS. Leaving only 1% for knives, firearms, and other physical weapons not permanently attached to the body.

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