Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Land of the sun and surf is also a breeding ground for domestic violence.

The average age of a mother who is being abused is 35 in the state of Hawaii.

But the average age of an abused woman is 18 years old.

However, unfortunately, the next statistic DEMi is all too familiar with.

It's not only the story in the state of Hawaii but nationwide.

Statistics show through EVERY age group that the majority of sexual assaults occur in the victim's home, workplace, or a hotel.

For that reason alone we made DEMi able to travel with you! DEMi can plug into ANY phone line, anytime, anywhere. ALL of those places have them.

So take DEMi on vacation. Take DEMi to work.

And if you're up to it, take pictures of DEMi wherever you bring her! We'd love to see where your DEMi went with you!

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