Friday, June 19, 2009


Nevada is ranked the 4th highest state in America for sexual assault crimes. A forcible rape occurs every 1.98 minutes.

Sadder still, resources are stretched tightly as the 8,548 registered sex offenders avoid being monitored. Only 3,750 are monitored by Parole and Probation.

But something struck DEMi's staff more than any of these other statistics.

"In 56.7% of domestic violence cases in 2001, no arrest was made because the perpetrator was gone upon arrival of police."

No arrest because they ran away.

But why would they run?


And without them there to be arrested for it, burden of proof falls squarely on the victim.

DEMi says NO MORE! With the ability to record your domestic assault by our Care Specialist Center, proof of your assult is now available.

And your assailant will HAVE to stand up and admit to the crime that was committed.

Stand up today and tell Nevada's runaway abusers that they don't have a chance anymore because DEMi is here and their victims will never be alone again.

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